May 03

Tethering HTC Desire on Orange

From your homescreen;

Menu/settings/Wireless&Networks/Mobile networks/Access Point Names

You should see the following three APNs;

  • Orange Internet
  • Consumer Broadband
  • Orange MMS

Select Consumer Broadband

CHANGE the APN from “consumerbroadband” to “orangeinternet”
CHANGE the Username from <Not set> to “Orange”
CHANGE the password from <Not set> to “Multimedia”

Make sure you use the capital first letters exactly as I’ve typed them there.  Oh, and don’t type the ” marks.

Authentication type should be set to CHAP.  Make sure, I think it was anyway but just check.
Press your Menu button, tap “Save”

Re-boot your phone and that’s it.

Switch on your “Wifi Hotspot” in your usual way, search and connect from your laptop.  Meanwhile your phone keeps its own connection side by side your tethered hotspot – that’s what the “Orange Internet” settings alter, so don’t mess with those.

Don’t forget to use one of the WPA security methods of course, otherwise some cheeky chappy will definitely enjoy your Orange account’s data.

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