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Jan 31

SharePoint 2010 – Note Field – Rich Text Warning

In one of our SharePoint 2010 sites we have a note field with Rich Text enabled and Rich Text Mode set to Full Html. We found out today that SharePoint 2010 automatically converts links (a tags) in the above case by “helpfully” removing the site name i.e. <a href=’http://server/site/library/document.docx’>link</a> becomes <a href=’/site/library/document.docx’>link</a> in our case …

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May 20

SharePoint 2010 – Class to Hold ListItem Information

In order to avoid excessive memory leaks when coding for SharePoint 2010 I have used the following class:- // Class to hold SPListItem information public class SPListItemInfo { public string WebUrl { get; set; } public Guid ListGuid { get; set; } public int ItemId { get; set; } public SPListItemInfo(SPListItem _item) { this.WebUrl = …

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