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Jan 31

SharePoint 2010 – Note Field – Rich Text Warning

In one of our SharePoint 2010 sites we have a note field with Rich Text enabled and Rich Text Mode set to Full Html. We found out today that SharePoint 2010 automatically converts links (a tags) in the above case by “helpfully” removing the site name i.e. <a href=’http://server/site/library/document.docx’>link</a> becomes <a href=’/site/library/document.docx’>link</a> in our case …

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May 20

SharePoint 2010 – Class to Hold ListItem Information

In order to avoid excessive memory leaks when coding for SharePoint 2010 I have used the following class:- // Class to hold SPListItem information public class SPListItemInfo { public string WebUrl { get; set; } public Guid ListGuid { get; set; } public int ItemId { get; set; } public SPListItemInfo(SPListItem _item) { this.WebUrl = …

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Jan 10

SharePoint 2010 – DataSheet View not working

How to Use Datasheet view in 64-bit Office 2010 See Full article Quick answer download and install 2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components  1,150 total views

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Jan 10

SharePoint 2010 – Site Actions – Click not working

My site action menu was having problems. The menu was dropping down; however when I clicked the links nothing happened. I was having the same issue with modifying the site settings – basically very few links work. They are all visible but didn’t open when I click on them – nothing happened. After a bit …

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Sep 21

SharePoint 2010 Central Administration – Timer Jobs showing incorrect percentage

In the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration – Running Jobs were showing with an incorrect percentage (half what it should have been). Debugging showed that the job was running twice.  Searching for why TimerJobs might be running more than once I found that the job’s Lock Type is important.  Could find no documentation to support my …

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Mar 27

SharePoint CAML Tip

When using CAML to query a list make sure that <And> & <Or> tags have exactly two elements.  1,504 total views

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